AMs pressed to support real world skills

Ahead of this afternoon’s plenary debate on further education (FE), ColegauCymru has called for cross party commitment to a post-16 skills plan to deliver skills across the diverse communities of Wales.

As the Assembly debates a motion put forward by Darren Millar AM (Conservative Spokesperson for Education) ColegauCymru has called for all parties to back its demand for a Welsh Government strategy to deliver on its commitment to the skills agenda in Wales.

Iestyn Davies CEO of ColegauCymru said ahead of the debate, “An unequivocal commitment is required from the Welsh Government to fund access to skills and training and this must be backed by all elected members in the chamber.

“Funding priorities within education have so often been dominated by resource heavy trophy projects that do not link to sustainable employment in the real world. Economic inactivity levels remain high and productivity is low, investing in further education across Wales is the answer to this problem not lining the coffers of already financially well-endowed institutions.

“The Welsh Government and all within the National Assembly have some genuinely tough funding choices to make in the coming years but compromising the opportunities for the majority of learners in favour headline grabbing initiatives must not be the way forward. Wales’ learners of all ages must have the assurance that the Welsh Government will provide support for their needs and not just a handful of people. Opposition parties and back benchers alike must take responsibility for holding the Government of Wales to account for its spending decisions in education.”