ColegauCymru urges international benchmarking standard

Today is the third in our series of stories highlighting our engagement with politicians, following on from meetings with Assembly Members over the past few days. The end of the week sees ColegauCymru in Bonn, Germany, with the Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language, hearing firsthand about the dual system in Germany and what work based learning opportunities can offer Wales.

Iestyn Davies, CEO, said: “This visit is an opportunity to highlight our call for international benchmarking in order for Wales to be a world class economic player, alongside working with partners in Europe. GKN Sinter Metals’ trainees talked to us about the breadth of their curriculum and while there were parallels with our visit to Coleg y Cymoedd with Hefin David AM, their approach is very different to ours. We’ve heard about the German economic models before in Wales, but we may be missing out.

“We’ve had Donaldson and Diamond, now we want an FE strategy aligned with the economic needs of Wales. We no longer want vocational education and skills to fall between the gap and there are certainly things to learn about international benchmarking that can be put into practice in Wales.

“It is time to give due support and respect to the vocational education training (VET) skills sector in Wales. We request urgent action in light of the lack of a clear Skills Plan for FE in Wales. It is time to recognise the economic contribution and value that FE brings to communities and its crucial for Wales to be at the forefront. We look forward to collaborating with other education and training stakeholders in Wales to drive this plan forward.”