Training remains under-utilised in the Retail, Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Wales

30 September 2016

ColegauCymru / CollegesWales has undertaken research alongside the University of South Wales and the FSB which reveals that there are low levels of training in the Retail, Tourism and Hospitality sector in Wales. This is despite the industry being a major part of the Welsh economy in terms of employment, turnover and Gross Value Added (GVA).

The research indicates that although recruiting staff in this sector is not a problem, employers do not invest in their employees in terms of training and focus on external factors such as identifying markets rather than on the skills of their internal staff. Staff may only be employed in the short term and not developed during their time working in the sector. This therefore overlooks how labour outcomes can be improved with input from Further Education (FE) on how to upskill their workforce.

This research is Phase 1 of the project and Phase 2 will further investigate working towards collaboration between education providers and businesses.

Iestyn Davies, Chief Executive of ColegauCymru / CollegesWales, said: “There are many training strands available to businesses in this sector via FE and the sector is missing out by not taking advantage of them. FE can help these firms which lack the capacity to train internally and can develop a workforce which can identify overseas markets and promote exports.

“External sources of training can result in a workforce which is more productive and motivated and the effects of this on the business cannot be overstated. SMEs may require encouragement to invest in training due to their size, however we urge the sector to look externally to FE for their business training needs. As a business, invest a little time in engaging with your local college”.

Retail, Tourism and Hospitality Report