ColegauCymru calls for longterm strategic response to ‘Towards 2030’

As the Cabinet Secretary for Education issues her statement in response to the ‘Towards 2030’ Report, ColegauCymru is clear that an aligned, resilient plan for the longterm is imperative for the post-16 vocational skills and education sector in Wales.

The report was welcomed by ColegauCymru as it drew attention to the lack of an overall vision for the post compulsory sector and a duplication, or overlapping, of resources between further and higher education, which we have been calling for the Welsh Government to address. The response clearly set the principles which addressed the shortcomings of the current system, which does not allow for flexibility, transparency and above all a fair deal for learners in Wales.

Chief Executive Iestyn Davies said: “We look forward to working with the Welsh Government to establish a body that can provide effective leadership in the field of post compulsory education. However, the lack of a current coherent overarching FE strategy lets down our learners and has a knock on effect on the economy. Whilst we wait for the necessary statutory provisions to be put in place, work must now commence on setting out a plan and the budget for post-16 provision for the medium term. It is essential that a future strategy for vocational education and training in Wales includes a new body in time and a full and effective overview of Sixth Form provision for academic and vocational pathways.

“For Wales to be a key player in economic terms, a forward thinking strategic plan is essential for Skills and the Post-16 sector. FE colleges have rationalised and developed new and innovative responses to the skills needs of Wales. Now the Welsh Government must show leadership by developing a strategy for skills in partnership with colleges and learners. We look forward to working with partners in order to secure the best deal for learners in Wales over the longterm.”