Progression is key in new Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022

ColegauCymru has responded to the Welsh Government’s consultation on the Draft Curriculum for Wales 2022, highlighting the need to think seriously about how the new curriculum connects to the next stage in learners’ progress into further study or work.

The six new Areas of Learning Experience (AOLEs) in Expressive arts; Health and well-being; Humanities; Languages, literacy and communication; Mathematics and numeracy; and Science and technology present a great opportunity to engage learners and for teachers to deliver a curriculum that challenges both teachers and learners.

However, resources to ensure teaching staff are ready to deliver the new curriculum are vital and this also applies to the next stage of education – when learners have completed their way through compulsory education and are ready to embark on further study or work.

Dr Rachel Bowen, Director of Policy and Development at ColegauCymru said: “The Further Education sector welcomes and its seeking to actively support the ambitions of the new curriculum. We all want to see the four purposes delivered: ambitious, capable learners; enterprising, creative contributors; ethical, informed citizens; and healthy, confident individuals.”

“However, we need to make sure that staff in the post-compulsory sector are ready to meet the needs of these new types of learner and support them to achieve their full potential. This means not waiting until the first cohort of learners arrives in September 2027 but thinking now about how we can train Further Education staff alongside school teachers and improve collaboration.”

“Following research undertaken by ColegauCymru, funded by the Welsh Government, each of the AOLE working groups had a representative from the Further Education sector to provide specialist input. In order to fully prepare the sector for the changes ahead, we need to help spread understanding of the new curriculum throughout Further Education at all levels. Resources are urgently needed across the Further Education sector to support this.”

“ColegauCymru is asking the Welsh Government to set out clearly how it will support the Further Education sector to prepare for the implications of the new curriculum. It is imperative that this happens to ensure that future learners progress to the next stage of their journey without disruption.”

Consultation response