Making a positive difference for learners

Leaders of Independent Living Skills (ILS) curriculum area from colleges across Wales met on Friday 13th September to continue their work on the development of a new curriculum guidance and self-assessment framework toolkit. ColegauCymru has been coordinating a series of projects to develop curriculum, provision and practice in the ILS provision on behalf of the Welsh Government, working with representatives from colleges and wider stakeholders including Estyn and the Welsh Government.

The proposed curriculum is based on a person-centred approach that focuses on developing skills under four pillars of learning: independent living skills, health and wellbeing, community and employability with communication, numeracy and digital literacy skills embedded within these areas.

Anne Evans, ColegauCymru Consultant lead for the Creative Solutions ILS project said, “We made great progress on the new toolkit, it’s wonderful to have the expertise from all the FE colleges in Wales as well as the support from Welsh Government and Estyn to complete this project and making a positive difference for learners. A brilliant team of people to be working with!”

The new Independent Living Skills (ILS) curriculum guidance will be published later this academic year. For further information contact ColegauCymru consultant, Anne Evans