Understanding Welsh Qualifications portability

This week ColegauCymru attended steering group meetings to discuss the content of the referencing reports which will be presented to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) later this year.  If you are thinking of working or studying abroad or of recruiting someone from outside of the UK then this news is important you.

ColegauCymru is working with Qualifications Wales, Ofqual and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework and other stakeholders to reference qualifications in the UK to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). There are a lot of changes to qualifications and this re-referencing exercise will bring the information we share with other countries up-to-date. This will enable students, workers and employers in Wales to compare their current qualifications information to qualifications in Europe and increasingly to countries around the world, making it easier for people to move between contries to study or work.

 The ‘Fan’ diagram (pictured above) shows the CQFW levels and some examples of the different types of learning available at each level.

Iestyn Davies, Chief Executive of ColegauCymru said “The EQF helps to platform Welsh and UK qualifications and levels alongside qualifications from other countries. This enables people with Welsh qualifications to gain an understanding of the types of jobs or courses they may be eligible to apply for abroad and vice versa. The aim is to support people to fulfill their career and study ambition, based on an understanding of the qualifications they have already gained. This re-referencing work is crucial as people move from country to country and role to role. The ambition is to overcome barriers as we continue to work together to ensure skills and qualifications recognition is better aligned worldwide”.

He concluded “collectively we can continue to create a world where qualifications and individuals can travel”.

For more information on the European Qualifications Framework and support for mobility go to the Skills for Europe website. www.skillsforeurope.uk