Work Welsh Team day reaps benefits


On Tuesday, 18th September an important day for the Work Welsh project was held at the Old Library, Cardiff where the Further Education and Higher Education language tutors came together at the beginning of the new project term.

This is the second year for the Further Education Work Welsh project following a successful pilot project last year where 185 college staff benefited from Welsh sessions and lessons with a language tutor. The project is funded by the Welsh Government through the National Centre for Learning Welsh funding a language tutor or language tutors located in every one of the 11 Further Education College in Wales.

The aim of the day was to discuss and forward plan for the new term, but mostly to give the language tutors and the Work Welsh team the opportunity to meet face to face, make new connections and discuss how the project works in their establishments.

Thank you to Siwan Iorwerth and Dewi George from the National Centre for Learning Welsh for their presentations, and also to Helen Humphries from Sgiliaith for her presentation and examples of how they support lecturers to use both languages in the classroom.

This year, the Further Education sector has a target to provide 120 hours of Welsh for 210 staff to increase confidence and more importantly use of Welsh and bilingualism within colleges. We have also made it a condition that 80% of these staff are academic staff therefore lecturers or assessors to ensure the increase in Welsh medium and bilingual provision within the sector.

If you work in a Further Education College in Wales, take advantage of the opportunity to be part of this project by contacting the Human Resources department or the Bilingual Champion at the college.

For general information or for more information on the project contact Nia Brodrick, project coordinator working on behalf of ColegauCymru on: or contact the office on 02920 522500