Work Welsh Awards

There was excitement in the colleges of further education last week as learners on the scheme received not only their certificates for achieving 120 hours of Welsh during the scheme but Welsh for Work awards.

This year is the first time that these awards have been awarded and seven colleges came to the top. The language tutors were responsible for nominating learners for the awards in one of five categories - best use, best progress at entry and foundation level, best progress at intermediate and advanced level, best team or department and Welsh for Work ambassador. 36 applications were received for the categories with successful learners winning in each category and also rewarding second and third place.

Many thanks to the representatives from ColegauCymru / CollegesWales, Sgiliaith, the Welsh Learning Center and the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol for their time in awarding the awards.

Following cunning planning with the Colleges, learners were given a shock when attending a normal lesson to see food, prizes and a member of the senior management team. It was lovely to see how much receiving an award meant to the individuals, especially as a whole department came to the top. There were also a few joyful tears, but happy ones, with the learners expressing their persistence until they are fluent and so many enjoy the lessons.

Congratulations to Cardiff and Vale College, Bridgend College, Coleg Sir Gâr and Pembrokeshire College for their first awards, and many congratulations to Coleg y Cymoedd, Coleg Cambria and NPTC Group of Colleges for coming second and third in a category. There are individual news stories on each College's web pages if you would like to know more about the winners!

The Work Welsh scheme is an innovative scheme funded by the Welsh Government and led by the National Center for Learning Welsh where learners receive intensive Welsh lessons within the workplace. In the case of further education, the intention is to increase Welsh medium and bilingual provision.

This year over 280 staff in the further education colleges have benefited from the scheme taking advantage of intensive lessons, 1: 1 sessions, tasks relevant to their jobs, Sgiliaith courses and several informal activities such as lunch clubs, reading clubs and sessions. coffee and clonc.

The Work Welsh scheme will begin for the third year of April 2019, if you would like to improve your Welsh language skills during the year, please contact the Human Resources team or the Welsh Language Manager at your College.