Working in FE

FE Colleges employ a wide range of staff across a number of teaching, technical and professional roles. As well as traditional vocational and educational teaching roles, most colleges also offer roles within their work based learning operations. Most staff are employed directly by the Further Education Institutions which are independent not for profit institutions serving the wider public or what are commonly referred to as NPISH bodies (Not for Profit Institutions Serving Households).

Teaching staff are required to hold a recognised qualification in post compulsory education and training and both teaching and support staff are registered with the Education Workforce Council.

All staff employed in the core activities of all the colleges acting in their capacity as Further Education Institutions share a common contract of employment. The contract and pay and conditions are agreed upon via collective bargaining, a process which is supported and administered on behalf of the individual institutions by ColegauCymru / CollegesWales. Decisions taken by the colleges’ negotiation committee are ratified by the ColegauCymru / CollegesWales board and are subsequently put in place locally under the oversight of the colleges’ independent board of governors.

A Career in FE

Educators in colleges teach across a wide range of academic and vocational areas and from basic skills through to degree or higher level qualifications. Vocational educators, demonstrators and tutors are often referred to as ‘dual professionals’. They are skilled as both teachers as well as technical professionals in their own right.

If you would like to pursue a career in FE details on the current jobs available in this dynamic and exciting sector can be seen at the following specialist recruitment website, including information on training to be an educator in vocational Further Education.

As well as educators FE offers a stimulating career for a range of professions and trades. These roles can offer an opportunity for you to apply your own professional and technical knowledge and skills to the task of educating Wales’ current and future generations. There’s never been a better time to consider a career in Further Education.

The National Contract of Employment for Management Spine, Lecturers and Business Support Staff in colleges of further education in Wales was agreed by the Joint Trade Unions in November 2013 and by the Board of ColegauCymru in January 2014.

The Contract

  1. The complete National Contract

Implementation Agreement

  1. Implementation Agreement

Management Spine

  1. Management Spine Salaried Full-Time Staff
  2. Management Spine Salaried Fractional Staff


  1. Workload Allocation for Lecturers
  2. Lecturer Salaried Full-Time
  3. Lecturer Salaried Fractional
  4. Lecturer Part-Time Hourly Paid

Business Support

  1. Business Support Salaried Full-Time
  2. Business Support Salaried Fractional
  3. Business Support Salaried Term Time
  4. Business Support Salaried Term Time Fractional
  5. Business Support Part Time Hourly Paid

Joint Agreement for the Employment of Fixed-Term Employees

This agreement has been jointly agreed between the trade unions and employers in the Wales Joint Negotiating Committee. This agreement is for use by individual Colleges in order to develop policy and procedure for the use of fixed-term contracts. Colleges are committed to maximising opportunities to provide continuity of employment for all staff and to use fixed-term contracts responsibly and justifiably.

  1. Fixed Term Agreement

Joint Agreement on Domestic Abuse

This agreement has been jointly agreed between the trade unions and employers in the Wales Joint Negotiating Committee. This agreement if for use by individual Colleges in order to develop policy on domestic abuse. Colleges recognise that every employee who is experiencing or has experienced domestic abuse has the right to raise and discuss the issue with their Line Manager and/or the Human Resources Department, in the knowledge that the matter will be dealt with in a sensitive, non-judgemental, confidential and effective manner.

  1. Domestic Abuse Agreement

Joint Agreement for TOIL for Management Contract Staff

  1. TOIL Agreement

Signed Joint Agreement on the Management of Change

  1. Management of Change Agreement

Joint Agreement on Starting Salaries for Lecturers and Business Support Staff

  1. Starting Salaries for Lecturers and Business Support Staff


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