International Conference on Teaching and Learning 2016

CollegesWales’ fourth teaching and learning conference touched on four continents with experiences drawn from further education, higher education and schools.

Held on 29 February 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, Cardiff, this was the first national conference in Wales for such a wide educational spectrum. Delegates heard from leaders and expert practitioners from Finland, Canada, Thailand and the Basque Country. Further international teaching and learning inspiration were shared by educationalists from Wales who were working with partners in USA, Namibia, and Bangladesh.

Keynote presentations and workshop discussions considered how:

  • Finland is developing vocational skills
  • Canada is improving post-16 literacy and numeracy and bridging the skills gap
  • Namibia is embedding e-learning and e-twinning in higher education
  • Chicago, USA is inspiring learners from deprived backgrounds
  • the Basque Country is responding to employer needs for vocational skills in a minority language
  • Bangladesh and South Wales are connecting classrooms to create global citizens.

And then, delegates learned how to build learners’ skills and CPD for teachers in an international context with British Council Wales’ experts.

Conference resources

The following links are the keynote speakers' presentations. Additional information is found in the Teaching & Learning Conference: Delegate Pack.

  • Sari Turunen-Zeinger - The Teaching & Learning Benefits of International Mobility
  • Joe Cudd - Inspiring Learners from Deprived Backgrounds
  • Inma Numoa - Promoting a Minority Language: the journey of a vocational school in the Basque country
  • Philip Stubbs - Developing Strong Links with Industry

Workshop resources

Workshop presentations:

Workshops 1 (morning)

  • Workshop 1a - Developing Vocational Skills - the Finnish Model
  • Workshop 1b - Inspiring Learners to Aspire: Engaging learners from deprived backgrounds
  • Workshop 1c - Narrowing the gap between Wales and the Basque Country - Ana Monge
  • Workshop 1d - International Skills Partnerships - Coleg y Cymoedd
  • Workshop 1d - International Skills Partnerships - British Council

Workshops 2 (afternoon)

  • Workshop 2a - Improving Literacy and Numeracy - Lessons from the Canadian approach
  • Workshop 2d - Erasmus+
  • Workshop 2d - Connecting Classrooms (No Longer Available)

Supported Experiments Dissemination Conference 2014

In 2013/14 further education colleges embarked on active research to improve the quality of teaching and learning in further education, funded by the Welsh Government’s Quality Improvement Fund (QIF).

In spring 2014, ColegauCymru organised a national dissemination event to inspire further experimentation.

Key project outcomes included:

  • share successful teaching practices and techniques
  • develop consistent teaching strategies across the sector to support literacy and numeracy
  • seek to identify what ‘excellence’ is in teaching and learning pedagogy.

The slide and video presentations as well as synopses of the colleges' final reports of their supported experiments projects are published on ColegauCymru's CPD platform, Moodle.

Key links:

ColegauCymru Moodle

Conference Programme


Organisation and support

The conference was organised by fforwm services limited - part of the ColegauCymru / CollegesWales Group.

Colleges Wales

Financial support was gratefully received by the British Council Wales and the Welsh Government.

British Council

Welsh Government